Our business is located in Bavaria, approximately 25 km west of Augsburg. The roots of our business lie in agriculture which we are still practicing. 
As the manager Lukas Birle was already keeping poultry since his childhood, it appeared obvious to concentrate on poultry farming, especially on keeping laying hens.
With the passion for keeping laying hens, the experience of agriculture and the solid training as an electronics technician the aim of the business was defined: To design a mobile coop that brings animal welfare, animal health, work comfort and profitability into accordance!

The result was the model Chicken-trailer 330!!!


For us animal welfare is very important. Through the relocation of our Chicken-Trailer we preserve the grass cover, prevent diseases and protect the open-air area from too much manure and overgrazing. Because of the relocation our hens live healthier, longer, more vital and thus have a higher lifespan.